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Can Reiki Mitigate Climate Change?

These are truly apocalyptical scenes...

From the devastating fires in Australia to the highest-ever floods in Venice, from last year’s deadly heatwave in Japan to the melting polar ice caps - the evidence for global warming is everywhere. The more we search, the more shocking the findings. What will our planet look like in ten years? In twenty? In a hundred? Will it still be habitable?

More and more scientists are coming to the conclusion that climate change - at least to a large degree - is man-made. The big question therefore is: Can we also reverse it? Or at least halt the process?

I truly hope we can. As Reiki practitioners, I would argue it is even part of our job. And since Reiki works holistically it can tackle the problem in a variety of ways. I indeed feel that it has the potential of becoming central to finding solutions for the climate disaster. Our planet certainly needs healing. Here are ten ways how Reiki can help:

1. Reiki can heal water. Recent research has shown that Reiki can significantly improve the quality of water, making is possibly more potent to feed crops, replenish scorched earth, and improve the quality of lakes, rivers, and even oceans. (

2. Reiki can heal plants. Have you ever tried to give Reiki to ailing plants on the windowsill? They flourish within days! Could this also be used on a larger, possibly industrial scale on crops? Giving Reiki to the seeds and seedlings, using less chemical fertiliser? Possibly even less pesticides? -scale trials are needed urgently.

3. Of course, Reiki is best known for facilitating healing in people, too. Clinical trials (and the everyday practical experiences of Reiki practitioners and recipients) have shown that patients can often reduce painkillers and other medication, and the healing process is vastly accelerated. It can be concluded that Reiki stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities. This means a significantly reduced number of chemical drugs may be needed. (Which is bad news for the pharmaceutical industry but good news for everyone else.)

4. Reiki tends to make people more aware of their eating habits. Many Reiki students drastically reduce their consumption of meat and fish, a large number even turn completely vegetarian or vegan. Over the years this has been a significant learning point for me: The awareness of the impact of our diet on both, our own health and the environment is a major eye-opening effect. The disastrous effects of mass-meat production and monocultural farming are of course well documented.

5. Reiki brings more awareness. After the astonishing and often unexpected experience of sensing the flow of energy in their palms, Reiki students are less inclined to accept the status quo. They start to question established habits and look for new and more ethical ways of daily conduct and how to make a positive change.

6. Reiki is known to bring more creativity, inspiration, and guidance. People try new paths, look for creative solutions, and begin to trust in guidance. Guidance by higher levels of consciousness is clearly needed to cope with the climate emergency. Established ways need to be re-considered - and new technology and new thinking developed.

7. One of the Reiki Principles - designed to bring Reiki awareness into everyday live - can be translated as working with diligence - or working honestly. It is about becoming aware of the ways how we can individually make a difference in everyday life. E.g. by living more sustainably, changing shopping habits, using recycling resources, and making conscious lifestyle choices. If, before every action we take, we always ask: “Is is helpful, is it kind, is it diligent?” this may be all the difference needed.

8. Using Reiki, we are tapping into the realm of interconnectedness, the quantum level. This can simply be done with the help of the “Connection symbol”, a tool that helps to send a treatment over a distance rather than having to physically travel to the recipient - a step of reducing our carbon footprint. But this tool helps us also to become more aware of the suffering of the planet, and realise of individual responsibility and potential to make a difference.

9. Reiki students often practice group healing when they get together: Several practitioners give a treatment simultaneously to the same recipient - either in person or over a distance. This could be multiplied, with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of Reiki practitioners joining in, and directed at global environmental issues.

10. Reiki changes people. Feeling the calming and healing energy, and experiencing the deep spiritual connection to the source will make people more aware of the core of their being: The fact that we are all coming from the same source, that we are all interconnected, and we are all beings of love. Let’s give Reiki to as many people as possible and allow them to change for the better. And, as a side effect, acknowledge the need for action of the climate.

Can we change the world? Yes, we can.

Let’s change or established habits and bring positive change.

Join the Reiki climate revolution!

Each of the above aspect will be analysed in detail in future blog posts.

Lets' start a discussion about what we can do as Reiki people... I look forward to reading your comments!

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